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Short Term Car Insurance - What You Need to Know is a very useful site! Possession of a minimum level of insurance cover is a legal requirement for any driver before going on the road. For most car owners, this will mean taking out an annual policy that covers either the vehicle or the specific driver for a full year, but this isn't always suitable - there are many situations where a full annual policy is overkill, and something rather more temporary is required. This is where short term car insurance comes in.

What is Short Term Car Insurace?

Short term or temporary car insurance is, as the name implies, a type of insurance that only lasts for a matter of days or weeks, usually between one day and a month. It is useful for drivers who need to drive a specific vehicle for only a short period of time, where any existing policy doesn't provide coverage. Example situations include:

- Test driving a car before buying it
- Borrowing someone else's car for a holiday
- Borrowing a van or large car to help with a move
- Giving driving lessons in your or someone else's car

In all these cases, and many other similar ones, taking out a full policy or upgrading an existing one will likely turn out to be much more expensive than taking out simple, temporary, insurance cover.

Advantages of One Day or Short Term Insurance

- Temporary car insurance is quick and easy to set up, generally requiring much less information about the driver and previous insurance history than standard policies
- It's cheaper than taking out an annual policy for people who only drive occasionally
- It's usually cheaper than altering an existing policy to add an extra driver or insure yourself for another vehicle
- One day insurance has no effect on an existing policy's no claims bonus

Temporary Car Insurance Restrictions

There are however some restrictions to bear in mind when taking out temporary car insurance. Firstly, to limit the risk to the insurer, younger drivers are often excluded, with a minimum age of 23 or 25 years - although this can vary from insurer to insurer. Some insurers will cover younger drivers, although expect to pay quite a bit extra. In a similar vein, a full clean driving license will be required, and usually a certain number of years' driving experience.

The excess level (the amount of any claim you have to pay in the event of an accident) is usually fairly high with one day car insurance in comparison with annual insurance. Ensure that you can cover the excess amount before taking out the policy. Some policies will let you increase the excess to lower the insurance cost, although with a short term policy the savings might not outweigh the risk, so think carefully before doing this.

Finally, European cover is not necessarily included in temporary policies. Before venturing overseas, ensure you'll be covered in the event of an accident or you could end up facing a very large bill indeed if your car needs to be transported home.

If you find yourself facing an unusual driving situation that your normal insurance doesn't cover, then look at Short term car insurance offers a quick, easy, flexible, and economical way of getting on the road whether it be in your own vehicle or someone else's.

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